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Safeguard STAR Seats

  • Chest Strap for the Super STAR Seat
    $21.50 $15.00 Chest Strap for the Super STAR Seat
    F126166 Safeguard STAR Chest Strap Used with the Super STAR Restraint Seat Provides Additional Upper Body Support

  • STAR Connector Strap
    $8.98 $8.48 STAR Connector Strap
    F16604 STAR Connector Strap Only Strap is Used When Putting 3 Standard STAR Restraint Seats on a Standard 39" School Bus Seat

  • STAR Plus Replacement Pad
    $36.00 $34.00 STAR Plus Replacement Pad
    F103571 Pad Only for the STAR Plus

  • STAR Restraint
    $164.39 $155.25 STAR Restraint
    F103181 Standard STAR Restraint Fits 25-65lbs and 57" Tall For School Bus Use Only Does Not Require a Lap Belt Seat Pad Can Be Removed and Washed without Removing the Seat Designed to Fit Both Standard and Hi-Back...

  • STAR Restraint Replacement Pad
    $27.00 $25.50 STAR Restraint Replacement Pad
    F103572 Replacement Pad Only for Standard STAR Restraint

  • STAR Seat Replacement Chest Clip
    $9.00 $8.50 STAR Seat Replacement Chest Clip
    F111222 Safeguard STAR Seat Replacement Chest Clip

  • STAR Special Needs Restraint
    $459.16 $433.63 STAR Special Needs Restraint
    F103172 STAR Special Needs Restraint Easily Adjusts to Provide Support for Children 25-105lbs. with Torso Heights Up to 20" tall Extra Support Features with the Restraint Include an Abductor, Recline Wedge, Torso...

  • STAR Storage Bag
    $18.00 $17.00 STAR Storage Bag
    15622 Storage Pouch for the Standard STAR

  • Super STAR Child Restraint (Replaces The STAR PLUS)
    $201.94 $190.71 Super STAR Child Restraint (Replaces The STAR PLUS)
    Safeguard SuperSTAR Replaces the STAR PLUS P/N F103187 F150172 Designed and CAPE tested for 25-90lb pre-school children. New, easier to clean covering. Longer cam wrap attaches around any school bus seat. Seven-year...

  • $99.00 $93.50 Torso Strap for STAR Special Needs Restraint
    F103566 STAR Torso Strap Only