100SMU, Seat mount for EZ ON vests

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  • 100SMU, Seat mount for EZ ON vests
  • 100SMU, Seat mount for EZ ON vests
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  • 100SMU
  • Replaces 100SM and 100SNY 
  • For use in a School Bus
  • Small and compact making it easy to move between buses
  • Must be used with EZ-ON Products Vest
  • Easy No Drill installation
  • For passengers weighing 31 – 168 lbs
  • Meets FMVSS213
  • Use on school bus seats that have entry between the seat bottom and the seat back
  • Passengers seated behind occupants with Seat Mount must be wearing a seat belt, a transportation vest, or must be unoccupied
  • Register this Seat Mount to be notified of a safety recall

Compatible Vests

  • 303Z – Adjustable Zipper Vest with Loops
  • 403PB – Adjustable Push Button Vest with Loops
  • 103Z – Adjustable Zipper Vest
  • 203PB – Adjustable Push Button Vest

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unlock seat and lift up.
  2. Hang adjustable hooks from top of seat.
  3. Close bus seat. Make sure non-adjustable hook ends are extending on seat bottom.
    Note: Securely lock seat bottom in place.
  4. Connect push button.
    Note: Face of Push Button should be against the bus seat back.
  5. Adjust length of seat wrap so that the bar slide is at the top of the bus seat, and non-adjustable hook ends are extending approximately 2 inches on seat bottom.
  6. Back thread loose end of webbing through bar slide.
  7. Pull webbing tight at the push button. Mount strap must be tight without slack.
    Note: Webbing should be tight enough to create a crease on the top of the bus seat.
  8. Properly seat passenger.
    Note: Hips low against the back of the seat and shoulders flush to the seat.
  9. Attach the non-adjustable tether hooks to the “D” rings located at the hip level of the seating passenger’s vest.
  10. To shorten or lengthen the hip tether hooks, rotate seat mount.
    Note: Passenger should not be able to move bottom more than 2 inches forward.
  11. Attach adjustable hook ends to tether slots on the shoulder adjusters on the vest.
  12. Tighten strap by pulling webbing through the tilt lock adjuster.
    Note: Repeat steps 11 – 12 for second shoulder strap.
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