1000HP, GKR White Opaque Convenience Bags Convenience Bags

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  • 1000HP
  • Convenience Bag for Vomit, Urine, etc. 
  • Automatic inner seal prevents leaking and spills
  • Disposal able
  • One Hand Use: Extra-wide, rigid collar allows easy use for women as well as men and children.
  • Easy to Use: Simply press ends of collar bottom to open and place over mouth. For added safety, fold in collar on scored line.
  • Won't Leak: Inner valve automatically seals shut . Prevents contents from leaking or spilling even if dropped.
  • No Strings: No strings, no twist ties necessary as in other products. Automatic seal means no spills, no clean-up, no mess, no odor.
  • 240 per box

Body Fluid Clean Up

Cross#'s: SE-280, 08-B-CB150, NBPGKR1000HP, FACB, FIR-1000HP, FIR-1000DZ


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