MAX-2-CUSTOM, Ez-On The New Houdini - Custom Sized

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  • MAX-2-CUSTOM, Ez-On The New Houdini - Custom Sized
  • MAX-2-CUSTOM, Ez-On The New Houdini - Custom Sized
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This vest was created for passengers who exceed the maximum measurements of a standard safety restraint.  This vest can also be used with passengers who's waist and chest measurements vary too much to fit in a standard size.  Custom vests are non refundable. 

  • The New Houdini - Custom Sized
  • Measurements are required to purchase this restraint
  • Sewn to fit one individual passenger
  • Dynamically crash tested for passengers 31 – 168lbs
  • Adjustable Shoulders
  • Rear Zipper Closure with 3 Zipper options and adjustable shoulder strap for growing passengers
  • 6 year warranty

Compatible Mount:

100M2SMU - Seat Mount for Max vests

How to properly measure a child for the correct fit 

  • Make sure the child is sitting down 
  • Measure their Chest at the nipple line  (at the widest point) 
  • Waist (at the widest point) 
  • Shoulder to waist  (this measurement is to be taken seated)


***These vests are non-returnable***


  1. Hold vest while passenger steps into crotch straps with the E-Z-ON® parachute logo in front.

  2. Choose one of the (3) zippers that fits child snuggly. Be certain that the vest fits secure.

  3. Hook zipper lock.
    *Keep waist strap low around the hip level.

  4. Adjust crotch straps to shorten or lengthen.
    *To be snug but not tight.

  5. Adjust shoulder straps using adjusters.
    *Pull webbing through adjuster to reduce slack.
    *Do not pull too tight as this will cause vest to pull up off of hips.
    *The hip strap of the vest must stay low around the lap.


  6. Back thread web through bar slides to lock




Tighten vest so that no pinch in the webbing can be achieved on the chest strap. When vest is snug fingers will be unable to grab any webbing.


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