S25006, Safetec National Standard Body Fluid Kit (Metal)

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  • S25006, Safetec National Standard Body Fluid Kit (Metal)
  • S25006, Safetec National Standard Body Fluid Kit (Metal)
  • S25006, Safetec National Standard Body Fluid Kit (Metal)
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  • S25006
  • Metal Body Fluid Kit
  • Easy to use, all kit components are disposable
  • Contains Red Z® Solidifier, a fast and effective solution to solidify blood and body fluids while also removing odor
  • Made in the USA
  • 24 per case

National Standard EZ-Cleans® Kit (25000, 25005, 25006) (Bio-hazard Spill Kit) is used for the clean up of body fluid spills, this kit is a nice economical alternative for workers not needing a complete face and body protection.

Standard Body Fluid Kit

Kit Includes: 

  • Metal Body Fluid Kit Box 
  • Red Z Solidifier 10g. (solidifies up to 375mL) 
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Pick-Up Scoop with Scraper
  • Odor Mask
  • p.a.w.s. Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  • SaniZide Pro 1 Surface Disinfectant Wipe
  • Red Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag
  • White Disposable Bag
  • Twist Ties
  • Instructions (Universal and Easy to Follow)

Cross#'s: 85650799, FK200900CTS

Additional Parts:

  • Clean Up Kit - Red on Clear - 6"x 2 3/4": SB154
  • Body Fluid Kit REFILL: S25000
  • National Standard Body Fluid Kit: S25005
  • Body Fluid Empty Box (Poly):  2310009


Disclosure: US States Right to Know Act

This surface disinfectant product contains Ethanol (CAS 64-17-5) as a disinfectant, which in California is considered to be carcinogenic to humans when ingested in the form of an alcoholic beverage [IARC 1]. This surface disinfectant product also contains the following ingredients which do not appear on any listing of chemicals of concern as designated by the State of California or the European Union: Purified Water (CAS 7732-18-5) as a diluent Propylene Glycol (CAS 57-55-6) as a solvent Citric Acid (CAS 77-92-9) as a pH adjuster Decyl Glucoside (CAS 68515-73-1) as a surfactant Didecyldimonium Chloride (CAS 7173-51-5) as a disinfectant Lauryl Glucoside (CAS 110615-47-9) as a surfactant.


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